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Kenya Davis (Owner, Creative Director)

Born in USA, 1991

2010-2014 Studied at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

BS Physics 

I have always found my passion in expressing myself through art. I've always had a natural talent for creativity. So I tend to dive into projects that give me the opportunity to be creative. Math and science have also been areas of strong interest to me and although initially, I was pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering I quickly realized that physics was more in line with my creative thinking process. That is why I love researching and discovering new concepts and presenting different approaches to art. My dad used to always say to me when I was little, "use your imagination"...well, if using his imagination to resolve problems was good enough for Albert Einstein then who am I to argue with genius. 


I believe that having a strong logical side and an equally strong creative side is the best balance that one could have. It's how I figure things out and quite honestly, my results will often astonish you. The real bonus about me is that I also have a great sense of humor to go with my sparkling personality :o)) I don't believe that being analytically adept means I should have the personality of a rock. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, I am someone that you have to experience in order to believe.

Who We Are

Artist Universe LLC was founded February 2015. We grew from a small group of artists who came together to create moments of pure art, raw and untamed. Together we inspire, critique, and support one another. We the explorers venture into the world of photography, videography, body painting, and dance, boundless in our potential. Artist Universe inspires every person’s craft and promotes growth of the creative kind. We provide a service to our community. We maintain the reputation for having the most memorable entertainment because we push boundaries. Whether you are an individual, a group, or a small business we’ll ensure that you are remembered.  

What We Do

Artist Universe is a “One stop shop” for fine entertainment and authentic art. We give you what you need while remaining true to our creative mind. Our services extend into many forms of entertainment and showcases. You can choose from private photography shoots, professional dance performances, glow parties, or festival performances. All of which are supported by our team of professionals. Each member of Artist Universe is passionate and fully committed about what they do. We have an extensive range of artist at our disposal which include, photographers, videographers, body painters,musicians and much more. You can combine all of these elements into a single event or choose a private session. No matter what your need your event will be incredible.

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